I have set up this site for owners of Rustler 31 yachts, because I would like to learn more about the yachts, and to hear from other owners.

Kim Holman of Holman and Pye designed the Rustler, and the first ones were built by Anstey Yachts in Poole in 1965. The Rustler has a fine pedigree, following on from designs such as the Twister and the North Sea 24, both of which enjoyed considerable racing success in the sixties.

I’m hoping to hear from all owners of Rustler 31s, and anyone who knows anything about them and their history. I aim to publish as much as possible on this site, and hope it will be useful and interesting to all. I would like this to be a site where Rustler owners can share information, so please send me any information you have that could be of interest to others, however obscure.

Please note that I normally don’t publish email addresses on this site (because I understand there are ‘web-crawlers’ out there which trawl the internet for email addresses to feed to the ‘spammers’). However, I am happy to include links to your web sites, especially if you reciprocate.

Please tell other Rustler owners, and anyone who might be interested, about this site.

My Rustler is "Aisling", hull number 31 from Anstey, and built in 1969. I'll add more details on Aisling as I develop this site.

Clive Harlow, 21 February 2003.


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12 April 2005 - FORUM page has been added.

My Rustler 31 is for sale

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